Hairstyles for Black Hair Extensions

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hairstyles for black hair braids

Hairstyles for black hair extensions – Get a hair extension is not only to add length to your hair; it is also an opportunity to make hairstyles before you managed not with shorter hair. If you are brave and bold enough to get an extension of a long-haired 18 to 22 inches long (45-55 cm), then takes the opportunity to impress with super pretty hairstyles for black hair that you’ve purchased.

Elegant and soft

One thing is to keep your hair straight when short, but you can really get to attract attention with long, elegant strands. While you’ve got human hair, it can achieve this look. Then wash your extensions with a moisturizing shampoo and smooth it while drying with a dryer with hair covered. When you’re done, put on your hair a protective solution against heat and iron your extensions in small and thin sections to ensure that they are really soft. Adds a deep portion in the center of your hair for a natural but it must glamorous style to this extension.

Elegant Waves

The beach is not the only place you should go for great waves. You can also get them in your hair. For sensual waves like Kim Kardashian, take tweezers and hair curling a section of hair around three fingers wide. Place the end of the section at the bottom of the curler, tweezers turns upright and rolls the cylinder up. When finished, spray the undulating with a touch of hairspray and comb hair with your fingers to achieve loose waves falling cascade down your shoulders and your back.

Half up, half down

If you want to let your hair away from your face, then make a change to the classic hairstyles for black hair. Braids and weaves the front of your hair from the right side to the left side to make the imitation of a diadem, and ensures the end behind the hair. Then you can pick up the top half of the hair into a ponytail, leaving the rest hanging loose hair on your back. Not only will look stylish with this unique hairstyle, but your hair you will be out of your face for any activity you have to do.

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