Punk Hairstyles in 2013

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punk hairstyles for women 2013

Between shouting, swearing and spitting the “Punk Hairstyles” broke into the world of the ’70s without anyone suspecting what was coming. Punk was the sound of rebellion and the voice of a generation that disappeared at the end of that time. However, shouting “Punk hairstyles not dead”, his influence has been kept alive today.

• Deathhawk: The deathhawk, contraction of death (death) and mohawk, mohawk type is characterized by forming a dense fringe of hair, and the hair is often associated with other similar hairstyle called mullet.

• Dreadhawk: The Dreadhawk, contraction of dread (rasta) and mohawk, mohawk is a type of which is to create a line of rats, or braids African braids in the center of the skull.

• Fanhawk: The fanhawk, down fan (fan) and mohawk, is to create a curtain of hair spread out fan-shaped figure or tab. It is probably the most traditional and simple version of the mohawk. The range is regularly dyed to produce a higher contrast and apply hair spray products so it does not lose its shape.

• Fronhawk: The fronhawk is the adapted version of mohawk hair texture of African and Afro-descendants, much like a hi-top fade. Both sides of the head are completely shaved, leaving only a small strip of hair in the middle.

• Liberty Spikes: The Liberty Spikes (liberty spikes) are not exactly a variety of this hairstyle, though liberty spikes can be applied to a mohawk hairstyle. The style is characterized by clumps form as barbed defined with the help of hair spray products.

• Mohawk False: fake mohawk or fauxhawk, contraction of faux (false) and mohawk, mohawk is a type which does not completely shave the sides of the head, only creates a definite peak was intended to contrast with the rest hair.

• Pony hawk: The pony hawk, ponytail contraction (horsetail) and Mohawk (he adds a tail).

• Psycho billy Wedge: The wedge psycho billy or a hybrid Mohawk pompadour and named after the musical sub genre of punk rock of the same name, derived from a similar genre called rockabilly.

• Rathawk: The rathawk, contraction of rat (rat) and mohawk, mohawk is a type that is combined with rat tail, a hairstyle that is to let it grow a long tuft of hair on the nape, contrasting with the rest hair.

• Rayhawk: The rayhawk, is a kind of mohawk named baseball team. The hairstyle is a high and tight, ie, hair is shaved practically only leaving the strip of hair color which contrasts to be a few millimeters longer than the remaining hair.

In short. If your child appears with a punk hairstyles, remember that you were also young.

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