The Unique Hairstyles Using Headbands

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hairstyles with braided headbands

The unique hairstyles using headbands – If your hair is Pappas up some accessories are always very helpful. For example, try to make use of a ribbon to give your hair an extra powerful touch. If you do not know how to do this, you can get more inspiration by reading these tips about many hairstyles using headbands.

Solve the knot with double bands

For this hairstyle, you should try to bring out your hair’s natural texture, which for example can be done using mousse or salt water spray. If you do not have natural wave in your hair, you can create it using a curling iron. However, be sure that there are narrow “ormlockar” and not corkscrew curls and treat only the bottom part of the hair. Put your hair up in a loose ponytail and use bobby pins to make fur ball a little wild and messy. Do not worry if some of the peaks sprawl a bit. Use hairspray to create sustainability. Then take a double headband and jerk a little in it so that you create a “puffy” effect on the picture. If you want to do look more romantic, you can choose to use a more feminine headband.

Use your own hair bands

You do not give up just because you do not happen to have a ribbon on hand because you can create a band of your own hair. Start by taking a tassel from the bottom layer of your hair, just behind the ear. Braid this tassel entirely down to the tips, for then the braid over your head and secure it behind your second ear. Now do the same on the opposite side. Voila, you now have a headband made of your own hair. If you want to keep the look something extra you can take the main toffsarna and braid them too, attaching the back of the head with bobby pins.

Try to create unique hairstyles using headbands at home! Good luck!

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